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An ideal place for the whole family

Loppi combines the best aspects of peaceful natural surroundings, convenient living and closeness to larger cities.

The municipality of Loppi enjoys a prime location in the Tavastia Lake Highlands in southern Finland. We have some of the loveliest landscapes in Finland, yet Loppi is located in the nation’s population and logistical heartland, only about a thirty-minute drive from Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and about an hour from other major cities such as Turku, Tampere, Hämeenlinna and Lahti. It takes just over an hour to get to the international airport, while trains travel in every direction from Riihimäki, just over half an hour away, and ferries from Helsinki and Turku will take you to Stockholm, Tallinn, St Petersburg and even further.

Loppi is one of the most popular areas for people to have their summer cottages in Finland.

Loppi has traditionally been famed throughout Finland for growing excellent potatoes. In addition to traditional family farms, the municipality has some 400 businesses. The town of Loppi Kirkonkylä is lively, with its shops and schools, but there are numerous other villages in the municipality, each with its own active village life.

Loppi’s excellent transport links to the Helsinki area and other nearby cities have made it a popular place to live. Your work may take you to a big city, but our convenient, safe living will bring you back to Loppi in the evening!

Residential building plots are available in the town of Loppi (Kirkonkylä), Launonen, Läyliäinen and Jokiniemi. There are also properties available for rent, as well as existing flats and terraced houses for sale.

Child care is available in Loppi in the form of day-care centres, neighbourhood nurseries and childminders.

The municipality of Loppi has 7 primary schools, a lower secondary school and an upper secondary school (lukio). There are vocational schools close by in Riihimäki, Karkkila and Hämeenlinna, and there are colleges of applied sciences nearby as well. The major university cities are only an hour to an hour and a half away.

Loppi has its own health centre. In the evenings and at weekends, the main health centre in Riihimäki is open, with regional hospitals in Riihimäki and Hämeenlinna and the university hospital in Tampere.

If you are interested in living or working in Loppi, there is a wide choice of business sites and residential building plots available throughout the municipality. Contact Mikko Salmela, the municipal manager, at mikko.salmela(at)loppi.fi, tel. (019) 758 6001  or 040 630 6401.


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