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Welcome to Loppi!

Loppi is a lively, growing rural municipality in the Tavastia Proper region. Our central location, active business community, beautiful natural surroundings and excellent community services make Loppi a great place for living, leisure and work.

Around 8,300 people live in Loppi. The municipality has three main population centres: the town of Loppi (Kirkonkylä), Launonen and Läyliäinen. There are also a number of smaller villages. With its beautiful countryside and many lakes and ponds, Loppi municipality is also a popular place for outdoor leisure activities. Loppi has thousands of summer cottages, and the area’s population nearly doubles in the summertime.

Our municipality hosts a wide variety of cultural events. There are concerts and exhibitions organised throughout the year by the municipality as well as many other community organisations. Thousands of people flock to enjoy the summer theatre performances put on by the Loppi Theatre in its summer home in the village of Sajaniemi.

We look forward to welcoming you to Loppi – to visit, to live and to enjoy!

Karoliina Viitanen, Municipal Manager


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